Your Tranquil Sanctuary

More project information?

The entire project is surrounded by High walls and have only one entrance. At the project entrance, we have 24/7 security guards. Besides this, there are also CCTV cameras spreading over the common area. The most important is we hire police to visit Baan WANA every day to forfend the crime.

All villas’ water supply is direct from the government. Our goal is to provide you with the cheapest way
+ We have provided every villa with an extra water reservoir so everyone has a backup.

Cam fees:
At this moment, our Yearly Common Area Maintenance fee is 8 baht per Sq.M. per month.
We are +- 4 baht per Sq.M. cheaper than all the other villa projects in Phuket.

All our electricity is underground system so it provides the beautiful landscape for the whole project.

Social media:
Baan WANA Pool Villas is now on Facebook.
Please add us as your friend so you can see all our updates and progress pictures.

We keep on maintaining our project every single day and from time to time, we repaint or renew something so Baan WANA common area is always in good condition.

Drainage system:
We have underground drainage system spreading over the entire project.
Our common area team also clears the debris in the drainage system from time to time. So, there’s no flood in the project at all.

Sea level – Sea distance:
We are located 4.5 km. from the closest beach. This means that we are safe from Tsunami.
There will be no flood at Baan WANA when there is a heavy rain storm because we are located 39 m higher than Sea Level.