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Why do I need to invest in Phuket? (Thailand)

Phuket is one of the best tropical island destinations for holiday villas, retirement living places and permanent homes. According to many property market researches, the villa market in Phuket is growing every year. Heavenly natural beauty, the fine cosmopolitan cuisine, friendly people, low cost of living, excellent infrastructure and world class services make Phuket remarkable worldwide, especially in the villa market, according to The Knight Frank’s research. They are the smart reasons behind why the property owner can enjoy their life here and in the same time get a good benefit by investing in Phuket.

Off-Plan Prices:
From an investors point of view, there are good opportunities to enjoy big profits when you purchase a property while the price is still under the market price.
So, considering buying Off-Plan Pool Villas is one of smartest investments you can make. After the villas are completed, the investor will enjoy a gain of about 15% per villa.

Capital Appreciation:
Today, Phuket is renowned as much for its prestige Real Estate as for its attraction as a premier resort destination.
And the property market has boomed in the last 10 years. Hence capital appreciation potential is now recorded as an excellent benefit for the years to come.

Rental Return:
In addition to the capital appreciation potential from owning a Baan WANA Pool Villa, owners/investors also have the opportunity to earn rental return on their property. Long-term renting will bring you easily up to 7% and short-term renting will bring you easily up to 15%. Those calculations are depending on the property location, the property condition, the rental prices around you and the energy you put in to it. Cost can be kept down using less services thus maximizing your profit.